Alexandra Weld Queen
Alexandra Weld Queen is a sculptor and performer. She was born in 1985. In 2007, after experimenting with various artistic media, she found her own: metal. Alexandra was trained in welding technology, and as an active participant in professional events, she got recognized in the welders community.
In 2015, she created her first large sculpture, "Meditating Cat Tikhvami." Thus emerged Weld Queen, living in a Castle, wearing royal suits made of fireproof canvas.
Weld Queen wears royal dresses made of rough, fire-resistant canvas, and a welding helmet, which metaphorically imitates the crown and complements all her outfits. She mythologizes her professional experience, elevating welding reality to the rank of luxurious art. Yet, according to Weld Queen's point of view, labor is an action that helps people overcome egoism and leads to their spiritual formation.
Weld Queen studied the theory of contemporary art and created her artistic mythology, through metal sculptures, royal costumes, performances, and public art.
Weld Queen has realized more than 40 sculptural projects.
A viewer can gain personal experience only after interacting with the sculptures. Thus, the art objects get conceptually finished.
eld Queen is also a curator of art residencies.
She gives lectures on sculpture and its production and holds workshops on artistic welding.
The artist collaborated with such brands as ESAB, TEVA, Ritz Carlton, and others. The Julia Shuvchinskaya-directed movie "Weldqueendom" depicts some details from her life story and artistic development.

Weld Queen’s works are in private collections in France and the USA.
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